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Collection by John Hayden of Jamtown

Instruments, mainly percussion, are from seven countries on three continents.  Fair Trade principles assure the artisans are paid a fair, living wage for their labors.

Pictured: Water Drum, Djembe and Caxixi from Ghana; Gourd Shaker,Gourd Scraper and Panderetas from Peru; Nipple Gong from Vietnam; Frame Drum from Indonesia; and Goat Hoof Shaker from Bolivia.

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Pownal Valley Vermont Panorama Archival Giclee

Often sited as the most beautiful valley in Vermont, the rolling limestone mountains of the Pownal Valley create long distance vistas not usually visible in the Green Mountains unless you own the mountaintop. WHAT? Vermont IS the Green Mountain State. It is, but the Gateway to Vermont is in the Taconic Mountains that aged more gracefully than the granite mountains to their East and far North. Created and signed by Gabe, my husband and co-owner of The Studio Club ArtWorks!, this scene is a studio-printed, archival print available in three sizes and starting at $25.00! American.  Handmade. BUY ME!

Historical Novel Set in N. Pownal

This is a must-read for families with grade school-aged children. I have several people stop by the gallery every summer who have come to Pownal with their children to seek out the locations mentioned in Elizabeth Winthrop’s well-researched novel. The back story, once discovered, is almost as interesting as the novel, although perhaps the outcome was not so good for young Addie. Read more about that on my blog post of 5/31/11. BUY ME!